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Welcome to our homepage of S. Matsui & Associates.

Because these days of recession, and to differentiate from the competition, the construction of credit, due to continuation to provide good products for consumers as well as to develop new concept bodied in their own products, has been an urgent need for the companies.

Even such an idea of their own, if it is easily imitated by others, when others begin to sell their own products that may produce confusion with your product, your credit by the marketing efforts goes downfall immediately. There is no paid off for struggling development.

The intellectual property rights such as a patent, a utility model, a design, and a trademark can protect the companies’ credit to consumers, which has been attained by marketing efforts and now represented in their goods. The only weapon that a small-sized business can beat the large companies is intellectual property rights.

We can support the intellectual property strategy of yours, ranging wide from the search prior to filing application, the response to the Office Action as well as the enforcement of your rights.

We will respond carefully even the first time. If you have any requests or questions, please feel free to contact us.