Office Summary


I, patent attorney Matsui Shigeru, have practiced in various fields relating patents, utility models, designs, trademarks, as well foreign applications till now for 35 years.  I have addressed providing expert opinions on judgment of infringement for other party’s patents, and as well as formal procedures against other party’s patents such as submission of information of relevant prior arts on other party’s applications or patents, opposition, trial for invalidation of patent, cancellation suit for annulment of the trial decision, patent infringement suit,.

With these experiences, I would like to support you all to be able to protect intellectual property rights, to well compete and find the superiority in the market..

Not only practice performed by myself I always checks all the staff’s performance, which brings best results for clients.  Thought our office is small, I believe our performance brings great satisfaction to clients.

We perform consultation basically with no charge, except for rare cases in which should takes complicated investigation or search.  Please feel free to inquire.

I hope our office can help you on the matters of the intellectual property rights.

Matsui Shigeru
Head Patent Attorney
S. Matsui & Associates


Characteristic of our Office


Our office is good at patent applications on the field of chemistry, food, bio as well as machinery and handles applications of utility models, designs, trademarks, foreign applications, too.

Patent attorney Shigeru Matsui is a veteran with more than 30-years work experience and has a variety of experiences including applications, appeals, cancellation suit, and infringement cases.

Patent attorney Takenori Miyao is an expert of the bio field who have studied on the molecular biology, earned a PhD degree in the field of pharmacology from Kyoto University, and experienced postdoctoral works in the United States for six years.

Patent attorney Eriko Matsumoto has an extensive science and engineering background to her intellectual property law practice, focusing primarily on biotechnology, chemistry, and food science matters. Eriko has a Ph.D. in medical science from Chiba University.



Successful rate of patent applications is about 74% (calculated up until October, 2009 but for applications filed from 2003 to 2004 year).

Even if a refusal is issued from the JPO in the patent application prosecutions, after submitting appropriate amendment and argument, the successful rate goes up to 85%.

Successful rate of trademark applications is about 92% (calculated up until October, 2009 but for applications filed from February, 2007 to February, 2009).



In the very personal and small business, also one without the experience of the applicant, if you stop by our office, you will be interviewed in detail.  Whether or not there is worth filing an application, we will carefully explain about the cost and the flow.  If consultation of about one hour, I will deal with consultation with no charge.

It is usual that the notice of refusal reason is given from the JPO at least once in the case of patent application prosecution.  At that time, we analyze it and send a detailed comment (an average of around four pages) regarding the refusal reason to support you so that the best result can be attained for even beginners

Head Patent Attorney Shigeru Matsui with more than 30-years work experience checks all procedures to seize the point for performance.  All the staffs have well experienced as well.

We offer satisfactory services with reasonable expense that may be cheaper than the average among others according to the investigation reference issued from the Japan Patent Attorneys Association.


Office location

S. Matsui & Associates

Nishi-Shinjuku Mitsui Building 18F, 24-1, Nishi-Shinjuku 6-chome, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023, Japan

TEL +81-3-6770-2124

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